Welcome to the 4th Annual PoughETRY Fest with Poet Gold
Saturday, April 24, 2021

If you wish to be an active participant, simply register by clicking on the link associated with the activity you wish to attend or if you wish to simply support and observe, visit our PoughETRY Fest page on Facebook. All of the events WILL BE STREAMED LIVE with the exception of the Youth Open Mic. Explore our page for bios, links, fun facts, and to virtually participate with us!

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Schedule of Events: Click on the link and scroll down the page to learn more about the poets, artists, and musicians

Welcome to PoughETRY Fest TV- “How to Navigate our Site” LIVE on PoughETRY Fest, Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 7:30p and Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 12pm

12-2pm Youth Open Mic and Workshop

1:05pm - 2pm Phone Pole Poetry Project with JEAN O’Neal and Douglass Ridgeway

1-2:15pm The Laureate Room

2-3pm PoughETRY Fest Spotlight: MAYA ANGELOU Hosted by Kate Hymes - Share your poems

12-2pm “The Poet Is In” with Cathy Schmitz

2:30p-3:30p LQBTQ Open Mic with Jen Herman

4-5pm Vassar College UJIMA Open Mic hosted by Lena Stevens

4-6pm “The Poet Is In” with Cathy Schmitz -Session 2

4:30pm - 6pm PoughETRY Open Mic hosted by Calling All Poets

6:15-8pm Poelodies-PoughETRY Fest Finale hosted by Poet Gold

Youth Open Mic and Workshop

Youth Open Mic and Workshop – Hosted by D. Cross, Teaching Artist and performer. Open to youth of all ages, the objective is to give students the opportunity to relate to poetry that is relevant to them allowing exploration of the craft through combining words and beatboxing and to discover contemporary poetry in a meaningful way.


There will be a special appearance by Poughkeepsie local poet and hip-hop artists Miguel Sanchez aka “Lito Koqui”. Lito Koqui will introduce the Poughkeepsie Poetry Youth Contest winners, sponsored by Hudson River Housing.


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The Poet Is In
with Cathy Schmitz

Cathy will be meeting with you individually and creating your own curated poem typed by her in a few minutes! Yes! Your own poem that reflects things about you. Register up to the day of the event by clicking the above hyperlink.

Learn more about The Poet Is In Project!


Worried you will miss it? Cathy will have ANOTHER SESSION from 4p-6pm.



Looking for the LIVE STREAM on FACEBOOK?

Join in here

The Phone Pole Poetry Project
with Jean O’Neal and Douglass Ridgeway

These poems came from late night conversations in the grass, as a reaction to the ugly on social media. Where people can spew negative opinions without having to face those who they spit on. Where people can speak behind veiled identities while being recognizable & gain strength from those who gravitate to the racist, the twisted, the mean, the one-sided, the ugly sides of humanity.

The goal was to find a place to post something real to the authors without the weight of the instant opinion of others. The hope toward kinship with other neighbors who could and would take the time to think and post back. And while there is nothing to stop phone pole poets from writing hate, the hope is the poles will receive words of diversity, goodness, kindness, and the open-minded sides of humanity.

JOIN the conversation HERE.

1:05pm - 2pm

The Laureate Room

Visit and talk with past Poet Laureates, LUCIA CHERCIU- 2021 Dutchess County Poet Laureate, RAPHAEL KOSEK- 2019-2020 Dutchess County Poet Laureate, and PETER ULLIAN - 2019-2020 Beacon Poet Laureate at this special time just for these talented leaders in our literary space.


Watch LIVE STREAM on Facebook

Coming Up at 4pm-


Hi! My name is Lena Stevens (she/her), and I am UJIMA’s 2020-2021 co-president! I’m a senior from Oahu, HI and a double major in Film and Media Studies. I have been writing poetry since my junior year of high school and many of the pieces I write relate back to my experiences as a queer, Black and Native Hawaiian woman.


Share with us where you are

Take a picture and send it to us so we can share where you are from along with others in REAL TIME!

THANK YOU! Douglass Ridgeway - watching from New Fairfield, CT. SEND in your pics and tell us where you are!

  • Please note: in sending your image you give permission to use your image/likeness for PoughETRY Fest 2021 on social media platforms.

How are you doing so far?

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Coming Up at 2pm

Did you upload your recital of a favorite Maya Angelou poem? It’s not too late. See yourself on our compliation of all of our creative submissions on our PoughETRY Fest Facebook Page.

Watch Poet Gold’s video here.

Submit your video to



PoughETRY Fest Spotlight


Hosted by Kate Hymes

Many of you answered our call to share your favorite Maya Angelou poems recited and recorded in your own way.



Talk with the many other fans and poets that admire and love the body of work created by MAYA ANGELOU.

Looking for the LIVE STREAM?

Watch and listen in HERE!

Go get that cup of coffee or tea and stretch your legs!

We hope you are enjoying this virtual event although we have to remember to keep those bodies moving.


LGBTQ Open Mic with Jen Herman

LGBTQ Open Mic
– hosted by Jen Herman aka “Self-Written Poet”, poet, and member of the LGBTQ community in the Hudson Valley, the 2016 Milkweed Poetry Slam winner. Jen is a passionate social justice advocate.


Pre-Registration Required by Saturday at 12 PM:

Register Here

Watch all the talent LIVE HERE


The PoughETRY Fest 2020 had over 500 visitors to the site to share in this extraordinary experience? YES WE DID and are so proud to continue to share this event with you.

Vassar College UJIMA Open Mic

Hosted by Lena Stevens

We are pleased to have Lena Stevens and Vassar a part of the PoughETRY Fest this year.

UJIMA: A Groove Society is a collective of student artists of color at Vassar College who perform music and present other forms of art in celebration of the African Diaspora. As the third principle of Kwanzaa, Ujima (pronounced: oo-jee-ma) a Swahili term, defines our task as one to build and maintain our community together; to acknowledge the experiences of our Black comrades and make space for them to center their stories. As our principle and practice, UJIMA challenges us to create an intentional communal space for talented students of color to learn about and engage with the legacy and influence of Black artisanship.

JOIN the experience HERE.


The Poet Is In - Session 2

Don’t lose your chance to have a curated poem by the talented Cathy Schmitz.



PoughETRY Open Mic


POETS! Share your work in our public forum for diverse voices and styles. Share your craft and participate. Preregistration is required for this Open Mic. REGISTER no later than Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 11am -and see you there!

4:30pm - 6pm

ZOOM & Streamed Live on Facebook and IG: PoughETRY Open Mic – Hosted by Calling All Poets (a 501c3 poetry organization) is designed to give emerging poets the opportunity to share their work in a public forum. In doing so, the community witnesses the diverse voices in the art form, both cultural and in literary styles.

WATCH virtually HERE!

Throwback to PoughETRY Fest

We are always learning and growing although one thing is for certain, the TALENT is AMAZING!!!

Do you have a question?

We are here to assist in REAL TIME! Send your question via email to this link and you will recieve an answer! We hope you are enjoying your experience with us!

Poelodies- PoughETRY Fest Finale

Hosted by Poet Gold

Join us to celebrate another fabulous PoughETRY Fest with JAYDA WOODALL and GWEN LASTER and GAMEBOARD.

Thank everyone for all of their support and especially YOU! Here’s to 2022 and more literary spotlights and the growing number of creatives and poets! Don’t forget to tell us what you liked most about your day with us!


We hope you enjoyed your day!

How was your experience? Share your thoughts about the event and any ideas you would like to see in 2022!

In the words of Poet Gold,


Email us at poughetryfest@gmail.com

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